Bat Removal

Wild animals have no place on your property, and that is why Critter Control® has put so much effort Jacksonville Batsinto keeping your homes and commercial businesses animal free for over 30 years. Bats, in particular, can be problematic when they find their way onto your private property, and when such an infestation occurs, action needs to be taken.

Know the Hazards

It is incredibly easy for bats to enter homes and commercial buildings through very small openings where they can then set up camp and begin to become quite a problem for you. Bats leave guano behind which results in health risks, yet their protected legal status prohibits you from removing them yourself which puts you in a bit of a bind. When an infestation of bats occurs on your property, whether it be commercial or residential, you might notice the following:

  • Damage of personal items/inventory
  • Health concerns for residents/employees as guano contaminates the air
  • Structural damage to places such as the drywall and ceiling

When left unchecked, a bat infestation can lead to serious problems as the structural damage builds up. The longer bats remain on your property; the more guano can accumulate, and send airborne spores through the ventilation which could harm anyone who inhales it. While bats may be protected, you aren’t entirely out of options when it comes to removal.

Professional Bat Removal

Removing bats from any property whether it be residential or commercial can be difficult and with it can come legal issues. It is always best to trust the experts at Critter Control® of Jacksonville to handle your bat problem safely and effectively. Call us today for your free consultation at 904-221-8633.

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