Mice Control

Mice are very cute, and many people may feel bad getting rid of them. However, you must understand micethat the presence of mice in your home puts you and your whole family at risk. Mice carry with them a lot of germs which they bring into your home on their bodies and in their feces and urine.

How to avoid an Infestation

Various proven methods work when it comes to getting rid of mice in your home:

  • Pest proofing

Find any unnecessary holes and openings in your home that mice may use to gain access and cover them up. Keeping mice out is the best way to avoid them getting in and start breeding in the house. When you are building a new home, this is one of the things you must keep in mind. Critter Control© of Jacksonville can give you professional advice concerning pest proofing.

  • Mouse traps

Mouse traps are wooden snap traps used to kill mice. The method is sufficient if you do not have very many mice in your home. It is a non-toxic way of getting rid of the little critters. Mouse traps are the best because it is easy to get rid of dead mice after they have been captured unlike when you use toxic methods.

  • Poison

For a serious mice infestation problem, you can use toxic methods. Critter Control© provides mice control services in Jacksonville. Since the poison used can be toxic to humans when they come in contact with it, it is highly advisable to seek help from a professional service provider.

The Critter Control® Way

Here at Critter Control© Jacksonville, our expert mice controllers know just how to handle this pesky vermin. If you’re tired of living with unwelcome mouse guests, give us a call today at 904.221.8633 for a free consultation.

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