Jacksonville pigeons

Pigeons in Jacksonville may cause problems because they travel in flocks, and they can create a large mess. If you own a business, flocks of pigeons can inhabit the areas outside of your building, leaving droppings on cars and entrances to your organization. In homes and businesses they can nest in attics and crawl spaces, leaving behind a mess to clean up in addition to odor and destruction of property.

Jacksonville Pigeon Control

It is a reality of life in every city; pigeons roam the streets, excreting excessive amounts of droppings and spreading contamination. Pigeons are the inexorable pests of Jacksonville area, capable of ruining landmarks, deteriorating statues, and threatening the integrity of our priceless historical structures – such as St. Augustine’s Castillo de San Marcos. Ridding your home or business from the pesky presence of pigeons involves the help of pest control experts – help that can save the integrity of your property.

Why Pigeons Cause Problems

Pigeons in Jacksonville are social birds that travel in large flocks and line the streets of cities, hoping to snatch up bits of human food, which have become a staple in their diet. Pigeons will eat pretty much any edible thing given to them, making pigeon feeding a favorite local pastime. However, feeding pigeons makes them dependent on humans for survival and much more likely to invade our personal property.

The problem most associated with pigeons is the exorbitant amount of droppings they leave behind. Pigeon droppings consist of acidic chemicals that are able to break down materials, including the façades of buildings, and strip the paint off of cars, as well as spread contagious diseases such as histoplasmosis.

The other problem pigeons pose to city dwellers is landing and nesting on property fixtures. Pigeons like to roost in safe, private spaces like sheds or other structures. Nesting pigeons can transmit diseases and contaminate food, since they go through garbage and then touch other foodstuffs, like seeds and grains.

How to Prevent Pigeons

In the case of a minor pigeon issue on your property, Critter Control of Jacksonville can catch the birds and relocate them safely. We will also seal any entry points into your buildings and clean any remaining pigeon droppings before they can do any damage. Installing bird spikes is another option for large pigeon problems, as they will bar pigeons from landings on fixtures, beams, and awnings. They will be forced to roost someplace else, saving your property from damage.

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