Rat Exterminator

A rat exterminator is someone you hope you’ll never need. Rodents are unpleasant for most people, and ratcontroleven those who aren’t disturbed by them know they can cause serious illness when infested in a home. There are several signs that rats may have found their way into your home, such as:

  • Bad odors. In many cases, the presence of rats is unknown to most homeowners until the animals die inside the walls of a home. The decaying body emits a strong stench. However, rats can also cause foul smells when they’re alive. Rats create a large amount of waste, so any particularly strong odors can be a sign of their presence.
  • Noise in the ceiling or walls. Rats build their nests in cozy places and expand them as their clan grows. The more rodents present, the more scratching and thumping you’ll likely hear.
  • Chewed food items and packaging. Rats shred plastic packaging and food containers in an attempt to find food. Be mindful of any damaged wrappers or rat droppings in food storage areas.

Take Care of the Problem

Seek help immediately once you’re aware of an infestation. Direct contact with rats or their fecal matter can make you and your family ill. There are a host of viruses and bacteria that depend on rats for transmission.

Rats begin reproducing just four weeks after birth, so any delays in rat extermination can make the problem worse. Reach out to the experts at Critter Control® of Jacksonville to work with a team that’s ready to eliminate your rodent issue.

We specialize in rat extermination, and we use the most advanced techniques and equipment to ensure you see fast results. Once the rats are gone, we clean up the waste and damage they caused, as well as create preventative measure so the critters don’t return. Give us a call at 904-221-8633.

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