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Rats in the attic, basement, or walls is always a nuisance. Not only can you hear them, but they can keep you up at night, they wreak destruction and carry disease. Take these tips to confirm your findings and solve your rat problem fast.

The dangers of rats in the home

Rats are incredibly destructive. Their teeth are large, and they can chew through wood, wiring and other items as they burrow further into your home. Problems associated with rats in the home include:

  • the odor left behind from rat droppings and urine, which also contaminates the air with disease
  • an increase in allergies from rat dander or mold,
  • chewed or frayed electrical wiring that can create a fire hazard.

Because you may not have seen them, a tell-tale sign that you have rats and not squirrels or mice is the loud burrowing sounds and chewing. Rats will do a lot of chewing that can be heard throughout the home if you have them. With squirrels and mice, you may only hear them as they scamper from one area to the next.

Hiring a rat trapper who can help

Because rats are pests that can dig and burrow, hiring an experienced rat trapper can help. A rat trap can safely remove the rats without the need for heavy chemicals or hazardous materials that can be harmful to both humans and pets. If you believe that you have rats, contact Critter Control® Jacksonville.

About Critter Control

At Critter Control® of Jacksonville we’ve been helping businesses and homeowners for over 15 years with removing rodents. Our expert trappers know exactly where and how to lay traps in the most efficient way. If you have rats in your home, don’t delay. Contact us today for a free consultation at 904-221-8633.

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