Rodent Control

Rodents are problematic pests whose populations grow rapidly and so time is of the essence to control them before they overrun your home. They are known to bring diseases and destruction into any household. In the case of a larger infestation such as raccoons and squirrels, it is safer and more efficient to call your local pest control company.

Dangers Rodents Pose

Here are a few costly challenges that can arise from rodent infestations:

  • Fire hazards: Rodents chew through wiring insulation that may set a house on fire.
  • Contamination: Rats contaminate food and the air around them with their urine, droppings, and hair.
  • Disturbed sleep: Rodents often deny you a good night’s sleep due to their unsettling sounds.
  • Rat-bit fever: the disease may be transmitted through a bite, scratch, or contact with a dead rat.
  • Ruin your lawn and garden: Rats and mice eat bulbs and seedlings, primarily in late summer. They also feast on flowerbeds.
  • Damage to properties: Rodents chew through things like plastic containers, clothing, and wood products in search of food and nesting materials.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Help

  • Efficiency: Addressing full-blown rodent infestation requires a trained professional with the knowledge to catch and dispose of rodents.
  • Intervention plans: Specialists lay out solid plans after identifying types of rodent.
  • Professional inspection: Trained specialist will easily locate entry and activity areas of rodent and seal them permanently.
  • Long-term solution: Exclusion method controls rodent problems and prevents subsequent future infestations.

Call the Experts

Although rodents are an inevitable part of life in any city, Critter Control® of Jacksonville is committed to confronting this menace. Our experienced professionals will schedule a home inspection that will guide on the best plans for extermination. We will also sanitize your property and employ preventive measures to prevent future infestation. Our rodent control experts are pre-screened and licensed and will stop at nothing but the best. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at 904.221.8633 or visit our website.

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