Rodent Trapping

Your home is easily susceptible to entry by rodents. When inside of a home they are destructive and dangerous to the inhabitants. Whether they are sneaking in to escape predators or just to get out of the weather, they have no place in your home and removal is necessary. The method of removal varies entirely on what type of rodent you are trapping.

Types of Rodents

The main offenders when it comes to rodents invading your home are usually mice, rats, and squirrels.  Often coming into the home to find food or shelter, they bring with them harm to the home as they nest in your insulation and gnaw on your wiring. Rodents are also known for carrying disease which could spread to the inhabitants of the house.

The Traps

There are many traps to use, but it depends on the animal you intend to catch. Be aware of what you are trapping to use the corresponding trap.

Mice: Traditional mousetraps are effective against small mice living in your home. Live traps provide the advantage of humane capture and removal without having to come into contact with the animal yourself.

Rats: A little more difficult to trap than mice, larger versions of the mouse trap exist known as rat traps. There is an inherent risk of larger rats merely being pinned down but not dead and attacking when you attempt to release them. Glue traps are also an option, though less humane since they use adhesive to lock the rat in place and cause it to die from either starvation or suffocation.

Squirrels: Squirrel trapping laws vary by location, so it is important to have a professional handle squirrel issues. Several humane squirrel traps exist such as single animal live cages which lock squirrels in when they step on an activation plate. Repeating live traps can be positioned over an entrance or exit to force the squirrel into it, and they catch multiple squirrels in one sitting.

We Can Trap Your Rodents

Despite their small size, rodents can still be dangerous, so avoid contact with them at all cost. At Critter Control® of Jacksonville, we have the experience and equipment to handle your rodent problems and offer sealing services to prevent further infestation in your home. Call us at 904-221-8633 to get a fast estimate today.

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