Rodents in the Attic

Rodents may seem like small creatures, but their effect on your life can be broadly felt. These animals breed very quickly, which can create a rodent infestation in your attic before you know it. The most common rodents to cause problems in homes are mice, rats and squirrels. These animals can survive the harshest of conditions and can terrorize your existence for years.

How to Identify Rodent’s Presence

If you are concerned you have a rodent problem in the attic, look out for these signs and contact a professional immediately:

  • Rodents make a strange noise that is easily identifiable. A high pitched squeak is an indication of a rodent problem, as well as scurrying in the attic or walls.
  • Rodent waste are small dark pellets that look similar to black grains of rice. They will appear more concentrated the closer you get to their dwelling place and their food source.
  • The scent of rodent urine is of concentrated ammonia, and if you can smell their waste, you already have a rodent problem in your attic.

Dangers Rodent’s Pose

Not only are the presence of rodents in your attic embarrassing and bothersome, but they can pose serious dangers to your family, pets and property, including:

  • The greatest danger posed by rodents in your attic are diseases that can have significantly adverse effects on the wellbeing of your family. Rodents can carry more than 25 diseases and can be spread through their feces, fur, waste, and scratches or bites.
  • Structural damage. These critters feed on anything including structural components of your property. They can also chew through wiring, leaving increased opportunities for fires in your home.
  • Other pests. When rodents destroy your home, they leave entry-points for other pests to encroach. They also attract additional predators to your home.

When to Call Professionals

Most people prefer to try a DIY approach to getting rid of rodents. It may work if there are only a few in a central location, however, if they have already started breeding or have managed to spread throughout your attic, walls, and home, home remedies will not work. Trusting the professionals at Critter Control® of Jacksonville will allow you to rest-assured all pests have been removed, your attic has been cleaned and repaired, and the entry-points used to access your home have been fixed to avoid future infestations. Call us today at 904-221-8633 to get your free estimate.

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