Squirrel Control

Most homeowners have no idea how to handle squirrels within the household. A certain degree of understanding is required for proper baiting and trapping of Squirrels, and in many states, you must be a licensed professional even to attempt trapping squirrels. Recognizing squirrel infestation and knowing how to control them once in your home will help you avoid harm and keep your family safe.

What to Avoid

People often go straight to over-the-counter options to assist with the squirrel options, but they are highly discouraged. Chemical alternatives such as rodenticides run the risk of poisoning children and pets. They fail to prevent squirrels and only kill what is already in your home, leaving you to deal with the rotting carcass and possible disease infestation. There are a few things that you should avoid:

  • Never try to catch a squirrel on your own. Viruses and parasites are transmitted through bites, putting you in danger.
  • Due to possible diseases, don’t try to clean droppings or carcasses yourself.
  • Don’t leave your home susceptible. Take precautions and have your home squirrel proofed.

What to Do

While squirrels do offer great risks and dangers, that isn’t to say that there is nothing for you to do to help your situation. Here are a few ways to handle squirrel control:

  • Explore humane alternatives such as professional baiting and trapping.
  • Have your home inspected for entry points that can then be secured to avoid future infestation.
  • Use pest control teams to dispose of any carcasses or droppings and have the area properly disinfected to confirm the safety of you and your family.

Your Squirrel Control Solution

When you are experiencing squirrel problems in your home, it is crucial to have an understanding of the safety concerns and how to effectively handle it. Critter control® of Jacksonville has the tools and experience to get rid of squirrels in your home and then secure any openings to prevent further intrusion. If there are squirrels in your home, call us at 904-221-8633 to receive your free estimate today.

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