Squirrel Exterminator

Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Scrat of Ice Age fame may bring a smile to your face in the theaters and on DVD. But real squirrels, living in your attic, garage or shed, have quite the opposite effect. Tiny little faces, and fluffy tails, notwithstanding, these pests are the bringers of destruction when they invade your home.

Squirrel Destruction

Squirrels are rodents, and as such, chewing is their most persistent pastime. That is when they’re not procreating or urinating and defecating. All this activity spells widespread damage to a home with a squirrel problem.

From your electrical wiring to your insulation, these critters will destroy your property through chewing and the waste they leave behind. They also damage drywall, siding, beams and other housing materials, entering and exiting your residence.

Your gardens, soil, and root systems can suffer damage as well. Squirrels will eat your produce and dig holes throughout the area. These animals are a menace with a very high price tag and the potential for devastating hazards, such as fire and flooding, caused by their destructive nature.

Effective Removal Services

Once you realize the damage that those adorable-looking animals can cause, you’re probably ready to banish them from your property by any means necessary. Don’t be too hasty. Leave it to the pros. It’s never a good idea for a novice to deal with any wildlife without the appropriate training, no matter how small and innocent they may seem.

Though you may be searching for a squirrel exterminator, what you actually need is professional squirrel removal services. Designated as game in Florida, squirrel trapping requires a special permit. At Critter Control of Jacksonville, our technicians are trained and experienced in trapping squirrels and other wildlife pests. We bring the proper equipment such as live traps and cages, and effectively rid your home of these nuisances for the long term. Call 904-221-8633 today for a free estimate.

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