Squirrel Infestation

Squirrels out in public will often keep to themselves as they scamper across your lawn and scurry up Jacksonville Squirrel Infestation trees. The problem with squirrels comes from when they invade your home and set up camp for themselves. Out in the wild, they are innocent and cute, but in your home, a squirrel infestation has the potential to cause major damage.

Why Your Home?

It may seem counterintuitive at first for a wild animal to seek to live out of its natural habitat, but your home has so much to offer squirrels and other wildlife. When they take up refuge in your home, squirrels no longer have to worry about harsh weather conditions or larger predators. If a pregnant female is searching for a place to birth her young, your home provides her with a safe place where her young can thrive.

The Problem with Infestation

The issues with squirrels arise when they get too comfortable in your home, and their destructive tendencies come out. Squirrels will rip up your insulation for bedding and gnaw on electrical wires, which could become a fire hazard. They also are capable of spreading illnesses through their urine, so the last thing you want is multiple squirrels in your home.

Professional Removal

Squirrels are protected in many states, and therefore it is not advised that you try and remove them yourself, as a permit is required. Instead, rely on the experts at Critter Control® of Jacksonville to handle your squirrel infestation. We have the proper equipment to offer you a safe and effective removal as well as restoration services to bring your home back to its former glory before the infestation. For more information, call us at 904-221-8633 for your free consultation today.

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