Squirrel Removal

Humans and squirrels can typically cohabitate without much harm when kept at a relatively safe distance, however, once in closer proximity to humans, squirrels can be very damaging as they dig up holes in your yard to bury seeds and nuts, gnaw on your plants and if inside your home, they chew on beams in the attic along with wiring which can be detrimental. Squirrel infestation is problematic and should be handled immediately.


Modern squirrel removal tools are very humane and provide a way to get the squirrel out of your home with little damage done, allowing the trapper to safely release the squirrel elsewhere. The most common traps are:

Single Animal Live Cages – A small cage that the squirrel can be lured into with bait, but when they step on the trigger plate it closes the door behind them. The animal is contained safely and can be removed from the home easily.

Repeating Live Traps – After finding where the squirrel is entering and exiting your home, a repeating live trap can be placed over the passage. Next time the squirrel crosses through they will find themselves in the trap. The door opens one way so more squirrels can be caught at a time without any escaping.

Get a Professional

Squirrels are considered game in Florida so you require a special permit to trap squirrels. Additionally, while squirrels aren’t known for their hostility, it is ill-advised to attempt to remove one yourself as they can be unpredictable when cornered and scared. A professional will have all the proper tools and knowledge to handle any squirrel problem safely and humanely.

If you find yourself with a squirrel problem in your home don’t hesitate and call a professional to remove them immediately. Critter Control® of Jacksonville can help you rid your home of infestation quickly and humanely. Call today for a free estimate at 904.221.8633.

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