Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels have no problem getting in your home with ease, and they will do so at any chance they get. While most people find squirrels to be cute animals scurrying across the front lawn, the fact of the matter is that they pose a significant danger to your home and health hazard to your family. At the first sign of squirrel infestation you need to act, but how?

The Traps

There are various types of traps for squirrels that yield different advantages:

  • Body Grip Traps – Acting as larger mouse traps, they are lethal and dangerous to use. Consider safer alternatives first.
  • Single Animal Live Cages – Boxes with trigger plates. The animal walks in and the plate closes the door behind them.
  • Repeating Live Traps – Placed over an entrance or exit to home that squirrels can enter but not exit. Many can be caught with one usage.

What’s Wrong with Squirrels?

Despite squirrels having a cute and innocent stereotype, they do pose many threats to you and your home. Squirrels often retreat to your attic and tend to gnaw on your wood and wiring, which causes significant property damage over time. They also use pheromones in their urine to attract more squirrels to the area, increasing the damage done at a faster rate. Even more harmful, squirrels carry diseases with them such as rabies or Lyme disease which can endanger your family.

Don’t Do-it-Yourself

Squirrel trapping can be risky due to the likelihood of squirrels carrying diseases and is illegal in most states if you aren’t a licensed professional. If you have a squirrel problem, Critter Control® of Jacksonville will take care of it quickly and effectively. Contact us for your animal removal needs at 904.221.8633 and get your fast estimate today.

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