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What Kind of Animal is in My Attic?

Wild animals have ways of getting into the attics of homes. Most homeowners do not realize they have unwanted house guests until they begin hearing the noises above them. There are different clues to help you discover what kind of animal is in your attic including types of: Do the noises sound like they are […]

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Squirrel Problems

Of all the world’s rodents, squirrels are usually a favorite. Their bounding strides and outrageously bushy tails make them endearing. Although the playful, athletic rodents are cute in nature, squirrels in your attic can lead to big issues. Control Attic Squirrels Squirrels are actually one of the least harmful of all rodents. Rats and mice […]

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Squirrel Damage

As too many homeowners have learned, squirrels in Jacksonville can cause extensive amounts of damage in short periods of time. They are rampant chewers, have nesting habits that put your home insulation at great risk, cause unsightly landscape damage, and can impart dangerous diseases. Common Types of Squirrel Damage Since squirrels are part of the […]

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Raccoon Damage

While raccoons are intelligent creatures that generally hide when approached by humans, they can spread diseases and wreak havoc on landscapes. Raccoons prefer to nest in dark, secluded spaces and can wriggle into many small, unsealed openings. They are often discovered nesting in chimneys, attics, and beneath homes. A raccoon nesting in your home can […]

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Common Raccoon Problems

Raccoons are the pests that Jacksonville residents wish they didn’t have to hate. Known for their burglar masks and striped bottlebrush tails, raccoons look like fluffy, beloved household pets. While they can be fun to watch, homeowners need to be aware of the negative effects of leaving common raccoon problems unchecked.In the Jacksonville area, residents […]

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