raccoonsRaccoons are the pests that Jacksonville residents wish they didn’t have to hate. Known for their burglar masks and striped bottlebrush tails, raccoons look like fluffy, beloved household pets. While they can be fun to watch, homeowners need to be aware of the negative effects of leaving common raccoon problems unchecked.In the Jacksonville area, residents often have to deal with these common raccoon problems:

  • Human-raccoon interactions are very common, since there are an abundance of raccoons in the city, and they’ve grown used to the bustle of human activity.
  • Raccoons regularly break into buildings and homes for shelter, especially mother raccoons that need to settle in before giving birth.
  • Raccoons can squeeze into small entry points, allowing them access to the spaces between your walls, under your house, and inside vents and chimneys.
  • The long fingers of hungry raccoons often nab the food of pets and livestock, which can add significantly to food costs as well as expose pets to disease.
  • Raccoons are playful creatures that will steal shiny objects like coins, tin foil, or even jewelry – just for fun.
  • Damages caused by raccoons also extend to landscapes, as they like to dig holes for worms and grubs.
  • Hungry raccoons have snatched ornamental fish out of manmade ponds and drained birdfeeders of seeds, all in a night’s work.


As is the case with most wildlife nuisances, the common problems don’t end with physical damages – raccoons can also transmit disease through their urine, feces, parasites, and bite. Their excrement can transfer worms to household pets, and the parasites they carry, such as ticks, fleas, and mites, can infiltrate your home.


Critter Control professionals are trained to solve every common raccoon problems using methods that are safe for you, your property, the animal, and the environment. We practice non-harmful handling techniques and expert trapping services, and we can remove and relocate as many raccoons as necessary to make your property raccoon-free.

If you’re experiencing a raccoon infestation, give Critter Control of Jacksonville a call today!

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