Jacksonville raccoonWhile raccoons are intelligent creatures that generally hide when approached by humans, they can spread diseases and wreak havoc on landscapes. Raccoons prefer to nest in dark, secluded spaces and can wriggle into many small, unsealed openings. They are often discovered nesting in chimneys, attics, and beneath homes. A raccoon nesting in your home can lead to the spread of unwanted parasites and viruses, as well as cause damage to your property.

Raccoons are mostly infamous due to their knack for creating huge messes. They dive into dumpsters and private trashcans, usually knocking them on their sides for easier access. They pick through every piece of garbage, often tearing open plastic bags and discarded food wrappers, and eat anything that’s edible. It’s typically easy to tell if a raccoon has been the critter getting into your garbage, since odds are your trash has been strewn halfway across the neighborhood.

Raccoons in Jacksonville are also adept diggers that will take to burrowing in the ground to find insects, grubs, and worms to eat. They can mar carefully manicured landscapes, leaving behind hazardous holes and unsightly piles of dirt.

The most dangerous form of raccoon damage, however, is to your health. Raccoon urine and feces left around your property can contain roundworms and giardia, and raccoons are one of the only species known to carry the rabies virus. While not common, raccoons also attack household pets or livestock, such as poultry, putting them in danger of contracting these diseases as well.

Never attempt to trap or catch raccoons on your own. You can put yourself at direct risk of getting bitten by a raccoon that might be carrying a dangerous disease. Call Critter Control of Jacksonville, and we’ll send a team of expert handlers to catch and relocate raccoons in a safe, humane way.

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