Rats are wily critters who can sneak into just about any crack or crevice in your home. Tempted by the promise of warmth, food, and safety, rats target Jacksonville homes and offices to make their nests. Rats are content to stay in the same place as long as they can find food and water sources and don’t feel threatened. Take measures to rat-proof your home before any damage can be done.

Critter Control of Jacksonville offers rat prevention services. We’ll come to your home and assess any weak points that need to be addressed. From there, we’ll work on ensuring rats won’t be attracted to your home in the first place, and if they are, prevent them from entering.

Prevent Rats from Moving In
The most important step in rat prevention is to seal every entry point into your home. Entry points are usually not obvious, and it takes a rat specialist with the proper tools to find every entrance into your home. An adult rat can squeeze its body into a hole the size of a quarter; adolescent rats can fit into even smaller entry points.

Discourage Rats from Sticking Around
Sanitize your home and keep surfaces free from food debris and crumbs. Don’t leave food out overnight, and store food items in sealed containers. Clear out popular rat haunts, such as the attic, to eliminate potential hiding spots. Listen closely for strange noises, such as scuttles or thumps, coming from your walls or your attic, and immediately call a pest control service to inspect your home if you do hear signs of rats.

Call a Pest Control Expert
Spending money on rat traps, pesticides, and blocks of poison will only waste your money. These quick fixes won’t kill every rat nor prevent more from coming in. It will also lead to rats dying in your attic, often within your walls, leaving behind a dreadful stench and dangerous bacteria exposed to the air. Toxic chemicals can also put you and your family at risk if used incorrectly, especially if you have curious household pets.

Attempts at trapping rats yourself can result in getting bitten or scratched – a hazard that’s not only painful but can lead to contracting a rat-borne disease. The experts at Critter Control of Jacksonville know how to safely trap and remove rats in Jacksonville home attics, giving you honest, long-term relief from rats.

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