As too many homeowners have learned, squirrels in Jacksonville can cause extensive amounts of damage in short periods of time. They are rampant chewers, have nesting habits that put your home insulation at great risk, cause unsightly landscape damage, and can impart dangerous diseases.

Common Types of Squirrel Damage
Since squirrels are part of the rodent family, they have large front teeth that continuously grow. This means that squirrels have to constantly chew to keep their elongating teeth from hurting. Squirrels can chew through nearly any material – including cinderblocks and glass. They can gnaw large holes into wooden beams and drywall, potentially putting the structural integrity of a building at risk. Squirrels will chew through material to enter a home if they find it welcoming.

Another risky damage caused by squirrels is the destruction of electrical wiring. Squirrels can easily gnaw through electrical wires in your home, causing expensive replacements or – more frightening – a house fire. Squirrels can live between the walls of your home and chew interior wires, causing fires that start from the inside and burn their way out. This type of house fire is often deadly, since it’s hard to discover and staunch the flames before it’s too late.

Your lawn and outdoor property aren’t safe from squirrels either – they like to eat crops and fruits from gardens and can dig deep holes that damage root systems and weaken the foundation of structures.

Squirrels can also release irritating and disease-carrying parasites into homes that can latch onto children or household pets. Ticks, fleas, mites, and lice are commonly carried by squirrels and can live in the carpets of your home, feeding on the blood of warm-blooded prey (that includes humans!) and potentially transmitting viruses such as Lyme disease, or imparting disgusting tapeworms through their larva.

If you hear suspicious noises in your attic and have reason to believe it’s a squirrel infestation, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control of Jacksonville. We offer humane and safe wildlife removal as well as squirrel damage repair and exclusion methods to ensure they won’t be able to return.

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