Of all the world’s rodents, squirrels are usually a favorite. Their bounding strides and outrageously bushy tails make them endearing. Although the playful, athletic rodents are cute in nature, squirrels in your attic can lead to big issues.

Control Attic Squirrels

Squirrels are actually one of the least harmful of all rodents. Rats and mice carry bacteria and viruses, but squirrels don’t. And because of their size, squirrels are also less likely to wind up in your home. However, if squirrels do find their way into the house, you’ll experience:

  • An abundance of noise. Most creatures that wind up in your attic will make some noise, like scratching or gentle thumping, but squirrels will create a racket. They jump, chatter, and wrestle each other in your attic, seemingly unconcerned about revealing their presence. Sleeping through the playful antics of these animals can be a daunting task.
  • Increased damage to your home’s exterior. Squirrels can’t fit into the same sized holes as mice, so they are forced to tear into walls and other material within your attic or home to create a comfortable nest.
  • Destruction in the attic. Like all rodents, squirrels chew constantly to keep their teeth sharp and capable of crushing nuts and other food. Squirrels that take up residence in a home or attic often leave a trail of shredded insulation, chewed wires, and damaged wood. If there is damage to your insalation, it can cause the price of air conditioning to go up in your home.

Remove Squirrels Effectively and Humanely

Even though squirrels create problems when they build nests in attics and homes, most people don’t want to kill them. At Critter Control® of Jacksonville, we understand your feelings. Our team of specialists is trained to gently capture and relocate your unwelcome visitors. For a total squirrel attic removal solution, choose the experts. If you have questions or need help removing your bushy-tailed visitors, call us for a free consultation today, at 904.221.8633.

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