Most property owners know that bats, although beneficial to insect control around your Indianapolis home, can pose serious health risks to your loved ones. Bat droppings also known as bat guano can spread diseases deadly to humans or household pets.

Among them is Histoplasmosis, a life-threatening disease that primarily affects the lungs. Bat droppings are similar to mouse droppings, but when touched they break down into a powdery substance that is highly airborne leading to the spread of disease. The infected person could exhibit mild symptoms like chills, fever, aching joints, coughing, shortness of breath or chest pain. In severe cases, the symptoms can progress leading to chronic lung infection which if left untreated could be fatal.

Further bats are destructive creatures that can cause damage to structures, contaminate food or interfere with the operations of utilities. When creating a home in your walls or attic, bats may damage structuring and wires, increasing fire hazards and destroying the stability of your home.

The smell from bat droppings and urine can be a nuisance too. The urine causes a slipping safety hazard on floors and may slip into living spaces leaving a crystalline residue behind.

Due to the hazardous nature of guano deposits, never attempt to clean them on your own. Partner with Critter Control® of Jacksonville for professional bat removal and exclusion services in your home, before they cause destruction or create hazards. Our certified staff will employ the best procedures to remove and dispose of all guano and urine in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to safeguard your family’s health. Contact us today at 904-221-8633 for all your bat guano removal needs.

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