There are many Florida critters that live with the skills and desire to gain access to your home. Once inside these critters seek shelter in warm, confined places such as the attic or walls to build nests for their young and seek refuge from predators. It is important for you as a homeowner to know what types of animals may seek shelter in your home and what sounds they may make for easy identification.

Are You Hearing Noises at Night?

Bats – Often looking for a place to nest in your attic, bats can find themselves stuck in your walls. You may hear scratching or fluttering as they attempt to claw, fly or bite their way out.

Rats – Rats and other rodents are lured to homes from the scent of food and garbage and are attracted to dark places which attracts them to your walls and attics. If you hear a scurrying sound in the middle of the night, you most likely have rats.

Birds – Though rare, birds can find themselves stuck in attics and walls as they look for a place to form nests and seek shelter. Listen for light pecking sounds on your ceilings and walls to identify birds trapped inside.

Squirrels – Squirrel infestation is quite common and, unfortunately, they have a penchant for destruction. When their search for food fails, they tend to gnaw on wood in the walls. The gnawing and scratching sound against wood is a telltale sign squirrels are the wall.

Raccoons – Being heavier creatures, listen for thumping sounds as they walk through your home, but also be alert to the sound of tearing as raccoons are known for ripping up ductwork and insulation to form nests.

Seek Professional Help

While our furry neighbors mean no harm, having them in your walls can be dangerous to both their safety and your own. At the first sign of unwanted critters in your home, contact the professionals at Critter Control® of Jacksonville for safe and effective animal removal services. Give us a call at 904.221.8633 to schedule your free home inspection today.

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