Is there a strange smell coming from your attic? You may have an animal living, or the carcass of an animal decaying, there. Here are some telltale signs the stench is originating from animals in your attic.

Dead Animal Smell

Squirrels, mice, rats and raccoons often die in homes after they’ve settled in for some time. Some may also pass after they trapped themselves inside without a way out to find food or water.

Of all animal smells, scents left behind by dead animals are the most noticeable. These smells will often permeate the house and may be more noticeable in rooms that are connected to the attic through your ventilation system.

If you suspect you may have a dead animal in your attic, you have two options: call a professional or wait it out. For a dead animal to fully decompose and the scent to dissipate, you may have to wait as long as a month.

Animal Droppings and Other Scents

Even if an animal hasn’t died in your attic, it can still leave a lingering odor in your home. Animals need a bathroom just as humans do, only they don’t mind using the floor. If you have an animal invasion in your attic, you’re also going to have animal droppings and urine, which can create a stench throughout your home.

The animal control experts at Critter Control of Jacksonville can locate foul animal smells coming from your attic or walls and eliminate the source. With decades of experience and relevant training, our dedicated wildlife specialists can safely remove the critters without damaging your home. Call us today for a free estimate!

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