Despite their cute appearance, squirrels tend to be incredibly destructive when in the home. They gnaw on wooden beams in your house and can introduce disease into your home. Their urine acts as a pheromone that invited other squirrels to the location. If squirrels have entered your home, the damage can be substantial, and action is necessary. Many people want to opt for Squirrel repellent, completely unaware that it is illegal and not recommended to use for many reasons:

Ineffective: Squirrels are very resilient. Most repellents contain scents and even urine of predators to ward off the intruders, but after the initial fear wears off, squirrels realize that there is no actual threat and return in greater numbers.

Toxicity: Many squirrel repellants contain ingredients that are harmful to squirrels. While they may be a nuisance, you need to remember that they are protected and intentionally harming squirrels is illegal.

Self-Harm: Often, people pump their attic full of repellants and even toxic elements such as moth balls which are not intended for such use. These odors can pile up and make their way back down into the house and easily poison those directly below.

Licensing: Squirrels should only be handled by licensed trappers, and in most states, you aren’t even allowed to collect squirrels in live traps unless you have the correct documentation.

Trust the Professionals

If you are dealing with a squirrel issue, you should never circumvent the law and attempt handling it yourself. Professionals should always be called upon to control such issues. Critter Control ® of Jacksonville has the proper licensing and understanding to handle squirrel infestation, safely and effectively while operating within the confines of the law. Call us for a quick quote at 904-221-8633 today.

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