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Jacksonville armadillo

Armadillos are not native to Florida, but they have adapted well to the habitat in Jacksonville and throughout the state. Armadillos can be a nuisance because they do a large deal of destruction to Jacksonville area lawns and gardens. They root for insects such as fire ants, digging them out of the ground to eat them.

Jacksonville’s Armadillo Trapping, Control and Removal Experts

Armadillos are named for their armor-like shells, covering their bodies and transforming them into small warriors. But whose side is the armadillo on? Certainly not the side of the homeowner, who struggles against the devastating effects of digging armadillos on carefully kept landscapes.

Armadillos in Jacksonville are considered nuisance wildlife because of their unfortunate habit of burrowing. They can burrow beneath homes, businesses, roads, and bridges, weakening the support system and risking the integrity of entire buildings. Stay on the safe side and enlist Critter Control of Jacksonville to keep tabs on the armadillo population on your property.

About Armadillos

Armadillos are about two feet long at adulthood, have scaly tails, long snouts, and teeth hidden in the backs of their mouths. They aren’t furry like other common nuisance wildlife; instead, a hard, scaly shell covers the body. They have strong claws that enable them to dig through rough material such as stones and pebbles, and subsist on a diet of insects, reptiles, amphibians, and bird eggs. They are dark brown or gray in color.

Habitats of dense woodlands, forests, thick underbrush, or marshlands are the most attractive to armadillos, but they will settle in farms or private property due to the accessibility of food.

Why Armadillos Pose a Threat

Although armadillos will not directly attack humans, they indirectly harm them by causing severe damage to lawns and structures. Armadillos are infamous for their digging abilities and are the cause of large, unsightly holes punctured throughout many landscapes. The holes and tunnels they dig are large enough to fit the body of the armadillo, since this is where they live. They often cover the entrances of these holes with leaves and twigs, making them camouflaged and dangerous to passersby. They can also seriously damage the foundations of homes and structures, even causing entire road collapses.

How to Control Armadillos

Call Critter Control of Jacksonville for expert help in warding off destructive armadillos, and we’ll use our safe and effective trapping methods to get rid of them for good.
Contact Critter Control® of Jacksonville help you with your Armadillo problem. Call us at 904.221.8633 to schedule your Free Home Inspection today.